Life is 10% what happens to you...and 90% how you react to it!


Sometimes strange things happen

…and recently this website self destructed, and the web hosting company shut it down.  Was the site hacked?  Did something go awry in some of the programming on its own?    I cannot answer that question. So…in the meantime…this website is being rebuilt, for even the backup for the site was corrupted.  Yep, strange things happen sometimes, but this site will be back up and running again soon.

Life is entirely too short to be miserablethink about it.





Empowering People To Take Back Their Life!
Making A Difference!






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It’s your life…do you know where you’re going to?

One Simple Life Changing Strategy

Times are tough and life is hard. In this down economy, people everywhere are hoping for change. Hoping will not make it happen. Learn this one simple life changing strategy that is sure to rock your world!

Mindset Training

The entrepreneurial mindset is special and must be nurtured carefully, especially while it is learning and growing. Your success or failure may be determined as much by your mindset as your professional skill-set.

Professional Training

Your professional skill-set may be the single biggest factor in determining your success or failure in business. A carefully crafted professional skill-set plus a proper mindset practically guarantees your success.


Don’t think you have what it takes to become a blogger? Many successful bloggers once thought that way too. Every successful person, regardless of what they are successful at, had to go through a learning curve. So do you! Let’s make your learning curve easier!


WordPress is the “paint by numbers” system for website construction and is fast becoming the #1 choice of website developers for building websites and blogs due to ease of use. Learn to build your own website or have someone do it for you!


The Internet has become the new “Yellow Pages.” If you don’t have a website, you’re sending potential customers to your competitors who do. Can your business afford this mistake. 75% of businesses don’t have a website. Be smart, join the 25% who do!


Create the life you deserve!


Has your life turned out the way you hoped it would?

Statistics show that 80-85% of people retire at the poverty level. Statistics also show that 2% of people retire financially independent. Their life didn’t turn out the way they hoped, it turned out the way they planned. Are you hoping for a good future, or are you planning for a great future?





Past, present, or future?


The choices you make today, shift your tomorrow.

What happened in the past are lessons to learn from, not dwell on.  Living in the past keeps you from living in the present.  Learn from yesterday, live today, and tomorrow will be brighter!  The past is history, the future is a mystery, but today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present!





Create your future!

You can create the life you want, the life you deserve!

Life is an adventure!  Learn all you can, share all you learn. Live your life without fear, without regret. This life is your life, claim it and make it your own. Become all you can be. Remember…Good choices today equal good results tomorrow.  Don’t hope for a good future, create a great future!





Greg’s Online Dictionary

The Internet: 

A tremendous tool for both business and personal use.  Also a place where people play games and socialize…a lot.  If you’re reading this, you know exactly what I mean.  Life before the Internet… is probably just a faint memory.


Something you do on the Internet. Success on the Internet and in business, is all about networking, and building relationships, whether online or offline.  Networking is a personalized form of marketing and can be very effective.


Something everyone wants, but not everyone has. If you plan on doing business online, you will want a website to assist you in branding yourself, your company and/or your product or service. Need a website?  Don’t know where to start?  Can’t afford high prices?  Click Here!  

Greg’s 7 Rules of Business

  • 1st Rule of Business….Find a Need and Meet It.
  • 2nd Rule of Business…Create a Plan…Work The Plan.
  • 3rd Rule of Business…Always, Always, Always Be Marketing.
  • 4th Rule of Business…Always, Always, Always Be Building Relationships.
  • 5th Rule of Business…Time is an Asset. Once you spend it, it is gone…forever.
  • 6th Rule of Business…There is NO Easy Button. You’ve got to work…so do what you enjoy, and you’ll never call it work again.
  • 7th Rule of Business…Review Rules 1-6 Daily





Are you trading time for money?


Learn how to be fit and healthy


The Value of Time

Most people exchange their time and talents for an income. 95% of people never achieve the financial lifestyle they desire. The Wealthy DO NOT trade their time for money… Why Should You? Enjoy the life you’ve always dreamed of…

Learn how you can:

Stop Trading Time For Money! 

The Value of Health

Are you unknowingly poisoning your family? The vast majority of people are. As a result, cancer rates are soaring. According to The American Cancer Society, by 2050, everyone will have cancer. You deserve the facts.

Check out these two websites:

Expose The Truth

How To Stop Poisoning Your Family

The Value of Exercise

You know you need it, but you certainly don’t have time for it.  With today’s busy lifestyle, who can afford to spend 60, or even 30 minutes a day exercising, especially if you have a family to take care of.

So what is the solution?

Click Here To Learn More





Changing Lives… Saving Lives… Helping Others!

Let’s create the life you have always wanted!

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